The famous Roebuck

Pub 28. The Roebuck, 26th February 2012.


My plan today was originally to go to church. Well, go to a church. An old church. A nice looking old church that had been derelict for years and they've recently done up. For a bring & buy sale. Well, to gawp at its innards - but I got the date wrong by a full 2 weeks. Dashed annoying! So what else can one do ... I know! go to the pub. The nearest pub to said church is the Roebuck on Pond Street (now saldy with neither pond at the bottom, nor cystern at the top), so there I went.

Lots of nice posh people, some dim posh people - "Which ale is the ummm, errr, ummm the lightest? What's banana bread beer?", a middle aged couple both reading papers while they ate to avoid having to talk to each other, and 4 babies - only 1 of which which bawling it's eyes out while the yummy mummy sipped the Chardonnay. The nipper almost drowned out the Six Nations (the RBS Six Nations as the black-board outside reminded us), commentary which had been turned up to 11.

Not many of these people are pub people, and this place isn't really a pub people pub. If it weren't for TV and the baby I'd say this would be a lovely place to eat, although the food seemed pricey (15 points on the roast price indicator range). It does however come with 'jus', which I now realise does not need an umlaut - you learn something new everyday. I am still waiting to be convinced though that their bloody marys are famous. Probably very tasty, but have you heard of them? It does annoy me when when people have to describe yourself as famous. If you are you don't have to tell people, and if you're not and you tell people it sounds a bit desperate.

I wonder what the mark-up is for buying a big bag of peanuts and puting them in to little jars?But 10/10 environmental points. Re-using is better than recycling! But I won't be re-using this place, nothing wrong it but I'm a pub person.

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