Golly goth.

Pub 73. The Devonshire Arms, 14th July 2012.

The Devonshire Arms, the Dev, the Hobgoblin, Camden's premier Goth venue, now with relaxed dress code (our neat jeans and hush puppies did cause a bat of mascared eyelid) - and now up for sale. Are the goths feeling the pinch?  Or perhaps Camden Town nowadays is less goth and more bemused £2-noodle munching teenage Spanish tourists with no intention of sitting in a gloomy mock Tudor pub 2 inconvenient minutes away from the high street? Or are themed pubs not the thing any more? Gastro people gastro! Or even more appealing another real ale pub! They're all the rage I hear.

You'll note the 'Real Ales' claim on the outside, that has long read 'Peal Ales' now just reads 'Ales', and so it was. The Hobgoblin was not on. A bottle of Theakston's Old Peculiar was recommended and accepted.

It was quiet, and the sun crept it but wasn't welcome. Although there was nothing menacing or unfriendly about the place to us non-goths, it just our sort of place. It was reminded me of my old students' union back many year ago.

They like their deathly idolatry do the goths, but they're not really a terrible bunch are they? We talked about having another pint, but there's no real reason to come here unless you want to be immersed in DARKNESS, but it's ok. Although I suspect the music could approach unbearable at times, I just hope it doesn't get sold and tarted up, or even worse joins the luxury flats that have popped up either side...

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