Quiet Queens?

Pub 41. The Queens, 24th March 2012.

Thanks Streetview!
 The trouble with going to the park on a sunny day in March is that as soon as the sun goes down it gets rather chilly. So having gone to the park about 20 minutes before the sun went down we found ourselves in the pub. We weren't the only ones. And not being the only ones in Primrose Hill can be a bit of a drag.

The beer was fine, the full range of Youngs this and that. I had a pint of ordinary bitter and a pint of Special. The food was nice, my friend has a burger and chips and she scoffed the lot. We watched the football. The service was fine. Had some pleasant chat with the people sat nearby.
But this pub is tiny - it looks quite big on the outside but it isn't. The first time you go in you may well find yourself looking around for the rest of the pub, but it's not there. This is it. And it was rammed, which isn't a problem, but it only takes a couple of hooray-henrys to start to get annoying.

We didn't hang around for too long. The Queens would be nice if it was quiet, but because it's near the park and the only pub on a busy boutique and coffee-shop street, it's probably rarely quiet. And the people round here aren't the quiet type, so when it's not quiet it is definitely not quiet.

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