At last - the 1949 bar.

Pub. 101 - The 1949 Bar. Ages ago.

The 1949 Bar?? Eh? I've no idea if this still is a pub or not or flats or what. It used to be the Royal Exchange and if I remember rightly it had flames painted on the outside, in the style of a hot-rod car. The only time I've been in was when it was The Fake Club, a rather lush looking but windowless karaoke bar. As I was chatting to who I assume was the manager he assured me that everything and anything I like to do or like about a pub they could do they. I suspect he wonder know a real ale if it hit him in the face I didn't go back.
But rather amusingly - and famously - it was genuinely a Fake Club. It was used for money laundering and someone went to prison for it. But the fact that we've lost a decent pub that I'm sure was at some point a decent boozer is not amusing.

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