Washington De.Cent.

Pub 42. The Washington, 24rd March 2012.

I remember when I was nipper being quite amused by a little cartoon of a chap nailing a sign to the his guest-house saying "George Washington slept here!", and turning to his dog and saying "What do you think of that, George?!". I think I liked it because I got it, not that it was actually very funny. But to the pub. I don't get why this place is called The Washington, perhaps the internet knows? But it it is quite likeable, although it was getting late so my recollections maybe hazey.

Decent beers available - I'm pretty sure I had one of each, and they all went down fine. I can't remember how much any of the cost, but given the locale I don't they would've been cheap. So just as well I can't remember...

The Washington is a big, grand old pub. A bit tarted up but unspoiled. What I guess is the original interior, or at least pretty old, is lovely but sadly seemed on the whole unappreciated by most of the clientele. But there again it was a Saturday night so I guess these young uns have better things on their minds.
It was busy but not rammed or unpleasant.  A very nice pub, it could so easily have been gastroey and terrible, but perhaps people are finding out that there's money to made be in running a good boozer, and what I guess is good food. No need to go all fancy schmancy if you're in it for the long haul! A decent pub. All very decent indeed. Do call again!

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