Pubs surveyed so far...

Pub ???. The London Welsh Centre
Pub ???. The Irish Centre
Pub ???. The Huntly
Pub 297. The Signal Box
Pub 296. The Barrel Vault
Pub 295. Camden Town Brewery Tap
Pub 294. Passyunk Avenue
Pub -----. The Lock Gates - the pub that never was.
Pub 293. The Resting Hare
Pub 292. Simmons (Kentish Town Road)
Pub 291. The Union Bar
Pub 290. Winnacot
Pub 289. The Lighterman
Pub 288. Simmons
Pub 287. The Caernarvon Castle
Pub 286. XO Bar
Pub 285. The Foundry Bar
Pub 284. 1 Duke's Road
Pub 283. Bar Tavistock
Pub 282. Belgo
Pub 281. The Beaten Dockett
Pub 280. Elementree
Pub 279. Done Our Bit
Pub 278. The Gallery
Pub 277. Brown Sugar
Pub 276. Aces & Eights
Pub 275. The Craft Beer Company, Covent Garden.
Pub 274. All Bar One (New Oxford St)
Pub 273. Made in Camden
Pub 272. One Sixty
Pub 271. La Brocca
Pub 270. The Cube Bar
Pub 269. The Cuban
Pub 268. Coco Bamboo
Pub 267. Potion
Pub 266. Power's Bar
Pub 265. The Brondes Age
Pub 264. The Black Lion
Pub 263. The Sir Colin Campbell
Pub 262. The Cooper's Arms
Pub 261. The Old Bell
Pub 260. The Old Red Lion
Pub 259. The Fulwood
Pub 258. Davy's Bar & Grill
Pub 257. Bar Polksi
Pub 256. The George
Pub 255. Philomena's
Pub 254. TCR Bar
Pub 253. The Northumberland Arms
Pub 252. The Bricklayer's Arms
Pub 251. The Wheatsheaf
Pub 250. The Grafton Arms
Pub 249. The Old Bull and Bush
Pub 248. The Alliance
Pub 247. The Black Lion
Pub 246. The Alice House
Pub 245. All Bar One (Holborn)
Pub 244. The Shakespeare's Head
Pub 243. Sloe Bar
Pub 242. All Bar One (Euston)
Pub 241. Henry J. Bean's
Pub 240. The Lion
Pub 239. The Railway
Pub 238. The Czech & Slovak Bar
Pub 237. The Lillie Langtry
Pub 236. The Smuggler's Tavern
Pub 235. The Draft House - Charlotte
Pub 234. The Marlborough Arms
Pub 233. IoE Student bar
Pub 232. Slattery's
Pub 231. The Lord Stanley
Pub 230. The Newmarket Ale House
Pub 229. The Crown.
Pub 228. The Old Crown.
Pub 227. The Holborn Whippet.
Pub 226. Old Nick.
Pub 225. The Bountiful Cow.
Pub 224. The Square Pig.
Pub 223. The Dolphin Tavern.
Pub 222. Pendrell's Oak.
Pub 221. The Knights Templar.
Pub 220. The Griffin.
Pub 219. Enterprise.
Pub 218. The Queen's Head
Pub 217. The Two Brewers.
Pub 216. Elixir Bar.
Pub 215. The Prince Arthur
Pub 214. The Huntley
Pub 213. The Fitzroy Tavern
Pub 212. The Hope
Pub 211. Lord John Russell 
Pub 210. Callaghan's
Pub 209. The Marquis Cornwallis 
Pub 208. The Duke (of York) 
Pub 207. The Lady Ottoline 
Pub 206. The Court.
Pub 205. The Rising Sun
Pub 204. The Fitzrovia.
Pub 203. Prince of Wales Feathers
Pub 202. The Lukin.
Pub 201. The Priory Taven.
Pub 200. The Perseverance
Pub 199. The Norfolk Arms
Pub 198. The Lamb
Pub 197. McGlynn's
Pub 196. The Oxford
Pub 195. The Seven Stars
Pub 194. Night & Day
Pub 193. The GNH Bar
Pub 192. The Dolphin
Pub 191. The Skinner's Arms
Pub 190. O'Neill's
Pub 189. The Euston Flyer
Pub 188. The Cider Tap
Pub 187. The Euston Tap
Pub 186. The Blue Lion
Pub 185. Water Rats
Pub 184. The George
Pub 182. The King's Cross Arms
Pub 183. The Lucas Arms
Pub 181. The Stag
Pub 180. The Hill
Pub 179. The Torriano
Pub 178. The Carpenter's Arms
Pub 177. The Victory
Pub 176. Ballyhoo
Pub 175. Quinn's
Pub 174. The Colonel Fawcett
Pub 173. The Flask.
Pub 172. The Angel Inn
Pub 171. The Old Red Lion
Pub 170. The Hat and Tun
Pub 169. The Purple Turtle
Pub 168. St. Aloysius Social Club
Pub 167. The Hope and Anchor
Pub 166. The Cape of Good Hope
Pub 165. The Cobden
Pub 164. Belushi's
Pub 163. The Good Mixer
Pub 162. The Westport Inn
Pub 161. The Adelaide
Pub 160. The Bull and Last
Pub 159. The Square Tavern
Pub 158. The Somers Town Coffee House
Pub 157. The Royal George
Pub 156. The Ship
Pub 155. Escape
Pub 154. The Crown and Anchor
Pub 153. The Crown
Pub 152. The Sun
Pub 151. The White Hart
Pub 150. The Friend at Hand
Pub 149. The Swan
Pub 148. The Queen's Larder
Pub 147. The Northumberland Arms
Pub 146. The Gunmakers
Pub 145. The Argyle
Pub 144. The Sir Christopher Hatton
Pub 143. The Grand Union
Pub 142. The Leighton
Pub 141. The Murray Arms
Pub 140. The Admiral Mann
Pub 139. The Unicorn
Pub 138. The World's End
Pub 137. The Carpenters
Pub 136. The Pakenham Arms
Pub 135. The Old White Bear
Pub 134. The Wheelbarrow
Pub 133. The Castle
Pub 132. The Boot
Pub 131. The Buck's Head
Pub 130. The Marquis of Granby
Pub 129. The Camden Eye
Pub 127. The Oxford Arms.
Pub 128. The Constitution
Pub 127. The Black Heart
Pub 125. The Abbey Tavern
Pub 124. Annie's Bar
Pub 123. The Old Eagle
Pub 122. The Falcon
Pub 121. The Nelson
Pub 120. The Crown and Anchor
Pub 119. The Cross Keys
Pub 117. The Engineer
Pub 118. The Newton Arms
Pub 116. The Fiddler's Elbow.
Pub 115. The Southampton Arms
Pub 114. The Hercules Pillars
Pub 113. The Angel
Pub 112. The Intrepid Fox
Pub 111. The Booking Office
Pub 110. The College Arms
Pub 109. Little Jack Horner
Pub 108. The Fitzrovia Belle
Pub 107. The Barfly
Pub 106. The Magdala
Pub 105. The Rat & Parrot
Pub 104. Fifty-five
Pub 103. Monkey Chews
Pub 102. The Freemason's
Pub 101. The 1949 Bar
Pub 100. The Sir Richard Steele
Pub 99. The Lansdowne
Pub 98. Canalside Bar
Pub 97. Lock 17
Pub 96. The Lockside Lounge
Pub 95. Queen's No. 1
Pub 94. The Robert Peel
Pub 93. The Lord Southampton
Pub 92. The Grafton
Pub 91. The Gloucester Arms
Pub 90. The Calthorpe Arms
Pub 89. The Yorkshire Grey
Pub 88. The Clerk & Well
Pub 87. The Cock Tavern
Pub 86. The Eastnor Castle
Pub 85. The Sovereign
Pub 84. The Camden Head
Pub 83. The Pineapple
Pub 82. The Blues Kitchen
Pub 81. The Golden Lion
Pub 80. The Ice Wharf
Pub 79. The Neptune
Pub 78. The Victoria
Pub 77. The Edinboro Castle
Pub 76. The Elephant's Head
Pub 75. The Britannia
Pub 74. O'Reilly's
Pub 73. The Devonshire Arms
Pub 72. Cittie of Yorke
Pub 71. King William IV.
Pub 70. The Rosslyn Arms
Pub 69. The Dartmouth Arms
Pub 68. The Princess of Wales
Pub 67. The Craft Brewing Company, Clerkenwell.
Pub 66. The Black Cap
Pub 65. The Wells Tavern
Pub 64. The Queen's Head
Pub 63. The Rugby Tavern
Pub 62. The Haverstock Arms
Pub 61. The Flask
Pub 60. The Star
Pub 59. Lord Palmerston
Pub 58. The Albert
Pub 57. Joe's
Pub 56. The Enterprise
Pub 55. Ye Olde Swiss Cottage
Pub 54. The North Star
Pub 53. The Old Oak
Pub 52. The Dubin Castle
Pub 51. Earl of Camden
Pub 50. The Lion and Unicorn
Pub 49. The Spread Eagle
Pub 48. The Sheephaven Bay
Pub 47. The Plough
Pub 46. The Museum Tavern
Pub 45. The White Horse
Pub 44. The Prince of Wales
Pub 43. The Lock Tavern
Pub 42. The Washington
Pub 41. The Queens
Pub 40. The Mamelon Tower
Pub 39 The Assembly House
Pub 38. The George IV.
Pub 37. The Parcel Yard
Pub 36. The Vine
Pub 35. The Grand Union (Kentish Town)
Pub 34. The Sir John Oldcastle.
Pub 33. The One Tun
Pub 32. The Bleeding Heart Tavern
Pub 31. Ye Olde Mitre
Pub 30. The Camden Town Brewery
Pub 29. The Garden Gate
Pub 28. The Roebuck
Pub 27. The Pembroke Castle
Pub 26. The Queen's Head & Artichoke
Pub 25. The Princess Louise
Pub 24. NW1
Pub 23. The Holly Bush
Pub 22. The Horseshoe
Pub 21. Shaker & Co
Pub 20. The Exmouth Arms
Pub 19. The Bree Louise
Pub 18. The Doric Arch
Pub 17. The Rocket
Pub 16. The Betjeman Arms.
Pub 15. The Hawley Arms
Pub 14. The Prince Albert
Pub 13. The Crown and Goose
Pub 12. The Parr's Head
Pub 11. BrewDog
Pub 10. The Bull and Gate
Pub 9. London Pub
Pub 8. Mabel's Tavern
Pub 7. The Jeremy Bentham
Pub 6. Camden Bar and Kitchen.
Pub 5. Tapping the Admiral
Pub 4. The Gatehouse
Pub 3. The Apple Tree
Pub 2. The Duke of Hamilton
Pub 1. The York and Albany

Mirror, signal, manoeuvre

Pub 297. The Signal Box. 31st December 2018.

Camden's newest pub (at time of writing...) opens just in time to see the year out.

£5 a pint for Hophead. Spacious. Full of kids, and railway-esque ornaments.

And an inside beer garden where behind the cages you can relax 'neath the 60s concrete ceiling. But wait... what's that?!

Yup, a British Rail clock! One hopes it's real.

Interestingly though, if you find these things interesting, they originally planned on calling this 'The Firebox'. Maybe it was a bit too steam engine specific too appeal to most who might want an easy train reference in their station pubs nomenclature. Perhaps 'The Firebox' would curry more favour with the patrons in Fuller's other railway themed pub 50m away, a potential arch rival??

Over a barrel

Pub 296. The Barrel Vault. 1st October 2018.

St Pancras, and therefore Camden, has a new pub! And it's a Wetherspoons. And already very busy on its opening day. That old Spoons magic!

Of course an estimated 40% of the internet is all about how the vaults under the platforms here were for storing beer barrels from Burton so the name is no surprise, but the couple of lines of Betjeman are a nice tribute to the building's biggest fan, complimenting nicely the shiny-tummy statue and the other pub upstairs. But I wonder what JB would make of Wetherspoons - no match for the village inn, the dear old inn, I imagine he'd say.

Oddly though, there's no signage outside. Keeps out the riff-raff I suppose.

The pub that never was...

Not everyone is a fan of Sam Smiths, but cheap and no music and reliable... I don't mind them. So wouldn't it have been nice to have one in Camden Town? But "NO!" thought the council.

This is from the Camden New Journal, 23rd July 2015. I'm sure they won't mind...


IT had a working title of the “Lock Gates” and would have brought Alpine Lager flowing in Camden Town.
But after more than 20 years of negotiations and planning applications dating back to 1991,  the Samuel Smith’s brewery, celebrated for its craft beers at sober prices, has given up on plans for a canal-side pub in Camden Town.

The brewery, based in Tadcaster, North Yorkshire, has sold off the site for the proposed pub to developers, leaving this line drawing of how the bar might have looked gathering dust in the Town Hall planning department’s files.
Samuel Smith, which runs several London pubs, has been celebrated as an antidote to the gastropub facelifts at other bars in the capital. It maintains its line of own-brand favourites such as Taddy’s and Alpine Lager.
The Camden Town land has now been sold to Hawley Wharf developer Market Tech, which has bought up a series of sites in NW1.
Planners gave permission for the company to build a block of homes and a gym on the site at a council meeting on Thursday.

So well done Camden Council, instead of a nice traditional pub we've got a load of luxury flats instead. Yay!

Camden Town

Pub 295. Camden Town Brewery Tap.

Remember when Camden Town made nice beer? Ahhh back when this place opened, a few of us from another pub rocked to the opening do and because I was with a publican he (and therefore I) got free beer. Lovely "Camden Ink". Very nice. Back then.

Camden Town are called Camden Town because they've never been based in Camden Town. But they've stuck with the name because now most of it is brewed in Enfield. They're also called Camden Town because like a lot of craft / hipster beers they like to think they're from New York City.

But it's pleasant enough, slightly hidden away. And is doing a lot better than their other more ill-thought-out pub venture, which apparently hasn't got long to go, Which no-one in Kentish Town is too sad about... Anyways, back to arches - and why not?

Yanks a lot!

Pub 294. Passyunk Avenue. 3rd May 2018

For Americans in Fitzrovia wanting a taste of America, or for Fitzrovians in Fitzrovia wanting a taste of America. Or indeed for anyone wanting a taste of America - Camden's only American bar I think. And when I say bar, it's just pubby enough to count here.

Every time I've been it's been full of Americans, and I believe it's just voted the best American bar in London or something. So there you go - the navy seal of approval. 

Last time I was in Trump's helicopters flew overhead which split opinion amongst the ex-pat locals. Not 50/50 certainly but split.

A good hare day

Pub 293. The Resting Hare. 30th April 2018

I just happened to stumble across this place by chance, which was a pleasant surprise as I thought I'd stumbled across all the Camden pubs that were there to be stumbled across already. 
It must be new I thought, but it's been open three years. Promising... there could be others! 

Perfectly pleasant, with good beers, no loud music and nice art deco bits and pieces.

I shall 'hare' it in mind next time I'm down that way (see what I did there??)

Simmons Trio

Pub 292. Simmons, Kentish Town Road.  9th March 2017.

Remember when Camden Town had two Woody Grills within 30 seconds of each other? Happy days. Then one turned to a Cuba restuarant... and now it's another Simmons. But still as the sign from the Cuba bar, oddly.

The first time I tried to go in here the bouncer wouldn't let me because I happened to have in my work bag a tin of beer given to me as a sample from another pub. I promised I had no intention of drinking it, which was true - it went down the sink a year later - but he wasn't having it. So despite it being conveniently just across the road from Sainsbury's don't try to pop in with your shopping.

I didn't rush back, and won't be rushing back again soon. I'm sure the tourists, weekenders and pub-crawlers won't mind it though.

Oh, they've got an old computer game. Wooh! And a skull mirror ball...

Office workers unite!

Pub 291. The Union Bar.

Been putting this one of for a while because I thought I would hate it. But I think I must have timed it right, because I didn't really hate it at all. I didn't like it much, but didn't hate it. It was quiet, and mercifully the music was quiet too.

My half of Copper Leaf was £2.10 but it has exotic sounding hops in so that's ok then, isn't it?

I expect on a Friday afternoon at office-going-home time it's an echoey cacophonous hell hole.

But it does win one prize - for the biggest load of clever thought-provoking bollocks written on a wall. Stick to "Work is the curse of drinking class" and "Free beer tomorrow" lads.


Pub no. 290 - The Winnacot (Camden)

Another chain pub comes to town. Is that good or bad?? I hear Simmons are looking to expand in our neck of the woods, which isn't that good to be honest. But what Winalot? Tim Wonnacott. Winnacot rather!

It's been open a good few months now, so I'm a bit slow of the mark - as usual. Both times I've been in I've had to myself, which is nice. And it is quite nice, if you like your 5 quid craft ale - and charming bar staff.

Lighter shade of pale ale

Pub no. 289 - The Lighterman, 13th August 2016

Camden's got a new pub, and it's not just a pub. It's also a bar - and a dining room. It tells you on the way in. Apparently the Lighterman is "a slickly-designed, minimalist Modern British gastropub with big windows & a canal-side alfresco bar." so make of that what you will.

£2.50 for a half of some craft pale ale or something sounds about right. The busy bar staff seem to think they're being under utilised if they're not artfully and coolly mixing a cocktail.

Nice view from the big windows. And some nice seating areas outside if you like that kind of thing.

Nice to have a new pub, with so many closing but if is the future of how pubs will be I'm not going to like it - but lots of people will I'm sure.

Simple simmon

Pub 288. Simmons.

This opened a little while ago but up until recently they didn't have any draft beer, so it couldn't possibly count as any type of pub / bar type place. But now it does. I saw another one the other day, but not in our borough so the march of Simmons carries on.

I've not been in yet, but this is what it looks like so I'm in no rush. But I will, as this is the rod I've made for my back.

So months later... now I've been in. And had the place to my self.

£2.80 for a half of ABInbev's London Pale Ale, and a nice chat with the very nice barmaid. And a mirror ball in the shape of a skull. Her Majesty and Lynch's Tina. I'm glad it was empty.