Wether you like it or not

Put 34. The Sir John Oldcastle, 7th March 2012.

I always think I'm going to hate it when I go in a Wetherspoons, but they're not really all that bad, are they? Cheap - 1/2 a Bateman's Hooker 4.5% for £1.38, and cheerful - no music. I'm sure you know what a Wetherspoons is like, so I don't need to waffle on for too long. This one is named after the Lollardy chap Shakey's Falstaff was based on, and who also gave his name to a tavern of old that was nearby. Long since gone, but I wonder where it was...

The good thing is with a Wetherspoons is that are so cheap, but my problem is that they also feel cheap. But they're good for ale and good for the pocket, so I mustn't grumble. I do appreciate the local nod they give to each one. So there you go, always popular so good for them and good luck to them.

The Fleet's beneath.

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