Camden rocked

Pub no. 287 - The Caernarvon Castle.

Can't believe I forgot to mention this one. A regular on the Camden Town music scene back in the day too.

I think I remember it being the Fusilier and Firkin when I first came to Camden Town but I'm not 100%. Sadly I don't remember it looking like this!

This pic from the excellent "Camden - A Pictorial History"

(Apparently the 'e' was added to the name to make it sound more Welsh. They should have just kept it as the Pickford's Arms).
The other thing that I remember is that the air-con above the stage was often louder than the band!

These photos give a good idea of what it was like before it came the Camden Rock Cafe, and then some naff clothes shop. And then as we all know it burnt down. Currently it's a big hole as they redevelop the market space there.
A good old grubby pub, but one that even if had not been flogged off as a clothes shop and burnt down certainly wouldn't be same now.

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