Queens No.1

Editor's note: There's a lot of pubs in Camden that I have visited once upon a time on one or more occasions that now I don't really the time, inclination or indeed money to be going back to pubs that to be honest are not great I will give them a quick mention over the next few entries. Including pubs that have now shut. Up until now I have gone to a pub specially to mention here but it's dawned on me that there's no need! All we we're trying to do is visit every pub in the borough, there's no time scale or start date. So let's get a load ticked off and dealt with.

Pub 95. Queen's No.1 - ages ago.

Is it called Queens? The Queens? Queens No.1? Or Queens No. 1 Edis Street?  Doesn't really matter I suppose as it's shut at the moment. And doesn't really matter as when I went here I didn't really like it. It does look like a nice decent ordinary boozer from the outside but inside it was little more than a wine bar.
Posh middle aged well dressed people sat around looking very pleased with themselves and I'm sure they looked at me as to wonder what I was doing in there. I can't remember what I drunk - probably some ale or ale other.

It looks like they're doing it up and it looks like it might be quite nice. We shall see.

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