Not a nag

Pub 45. The White Horse, 29th March 2012.

South End Green is a busy bustling little self-contained bit of Hampstead, lots of people going about their business, tourists off to the heath, ill-people going to the hospital, and drinkers going... well possibly to the White Horse. It's not tacky, it's not gastro. It's a proper pub. And sitting in the middle of a busy junction, once you've scampered over a couple of zebra crossings to get there it's a vertible oasis.

The beer choice was just about a choice. Doom Bar was the one that was off, but if there's one decent beer on that's enough for me - not every pub can be a beer festival can it? I had a pint of the Black Sheepat 3.8% for £3.80 I think it was. It went down very well. A local at the bar was talking to the barmaid, and wondering out loud what the wood was called that inspired Winnie the Pooh. "Ashdown Forest!" I proffered up. Down in Kent somewhere... "Ashdown Forest!"... on the Kent / Sussex borders... "Ashdown Forest!"... they've got a souviner shop there and a tea-room..."Ashdown Forest!".... oh, what was it?? "hmm... Ashdown Forest?" says the barmaid. "Yes - Ashdow Forest!! that's it!!". I won't bother next time.

The interior of this pub is lovely. I'd say it has best ceiling of any Camden pub. Please show me a better one. The big windows make it seem light and airy, and it all seems very calm and peaceful. I like looking from relative tranquility through big old windows to relative hustle. Makes me feel a bit better than those outside. 
A lovely pub, although it was mid-afternoon and therefore bound to quiet - I wouldn't know what it's like on a Saturday night or when there's football on. But do risk it, I think you'll like it - but I'm won't nag you. 

PS. The Victorian public loos across the road are also rather grand, should there be a queue inside...

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