The Lion does not sleep tonight

Pub 50. The Lion and Unicorn, 12th April 2012.

I'd not been in since they did it up a couple of years ago, back then it was an OK-ish nothing special locals' backstreet boozer. I've got a couple of mates who go in here quite a bit and they really like it.

No surprises at the bar, except the Sharps Cask Pilsner. I've had cask lager before and to me it's just tasted like warm, flat lager. But being the adventurous type I decided to try the Pils. But it went off just before I could get to it. Oh well, probably a good thing! I had the Trinity instead, which was fine if I remember correctly.

The pub is nice, in a trying-very-hard tarted-up way. And the clientelle seemed to match. It seemed to full of exciteable posh women. Hooray Henriettas. It was all very loud, and busy and a bit over-whelming for someone like me seeking a bit peace of quiet to enjoy ones pint.

Two things caught my eye though. I was tempted by their 'freshly made' pickled eggs. And I like the beware the thieves sign, that would no doubt have the old feminists swinging their handbags.

So, from an nothing special old back street boozer, it's now a nothing special tarted up gastro pub. We come from nothing and go back to nothing. It's got the theatre upstairs though, but I didn't hang around nearly long enough to watch a play.

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