Speed the Plough

Pub 47. The Plough, 4th April 2012.

A very handsome building is the Plough, well on the outside at least. I bet once upon a time it was gorgeous inside too. But some bright spark must have decided it need a spruce up, so now the interior is a bit plain. Not unpleasant mind you, but you can imagine how it might have been once.

The beers are decent enough, my London Gold was very nice. And after a bit of confusion of whether ID was going to be needed - my drinking partner's youthful beauty to blame - she had a white wine. The barman was very nice and engaged in a bit of banter, which is always nice.

The big windows are good for looking out of, which is handy as there's not really much to look inside. There were a few tourists - in fact I think everyone was a tourist of some description - excitedly trying some English ale and famous fish and chips. A lady smashed a huge glass, and she was very emabarrassed, I pulled her an 'oops' face. We drank up and left.  The Plough is ok.

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