What's in a name?

Pub 51. Earl of Camden, 12th April, 2012.

The Earl of Camden used be a rather dull Hogshead, but now it isn't. Well it's not a Hogshead any more. Well, it's not called a Hogshead. I want to quite like the name - it's a good way of showing the local yoofs and tourists that Camden Town, and therefore Camden is actually named after someone. Although oddly the man it's all named after wasn't called Camden at all. But he took his title from someone who was called Camden, and didn't live too far away a couple of 100 years earlier. So this pub is trying to named after Charles Pratt, who owned the land round here, and sold it off for development and named the new town after himself as he was the 1st Earl Camden. Not the Earl of Camden you'll note. But enough cod-history and pedantry. Let's go in.

Not a huge choice, and the barman didn't have a clue what the Triple B was or where it was from. "We've ha a lot of new ales lately" he explained. Anyways, it was very nice.
The pub was busy, and lively. It was loud but not deafening, and it being quite roomy it didn't feel uncomfortable. They have Sky (et al) sports, and free bands some times. Cheap burgers. And I'm sure I saw a sign saying that ale was £1.99 all day Monday - "Mondale", see what they did they? Might be worth checking out, if I do remember the sign correctly.

It's mainly tourists drinking in here, but there's no reason for locals not to pop in either. It's a perfectly decent pub. Nothing fantastic - but certainly nothing to dislike about it either.

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