Avuncular Albert

Pub 58. The Albert, 19th April 2012.

When I'm reasonably rich, before I can't quite afford to live in Hampstead, I think I'll choose to live round Primrose Hill somewhere. And the Albert could well be my local.

 Most of the other pubs round here have been gastrofied or fancified or otherwise spoilt to de-pub and appeal to local money. But not the Albert, it's still a fine, nice, ordinary, good, honest, decent boozer.
Something about the beers suggest that's it's a Greene King house... so a pint of IPA it was. I can't remember how much it was though, certainly upwards of £3.50 though. But hey - I'll be quite rich when I'

People were sat round chatting, couples at tables, mates at the bar, undisturbed by loud music. A telly quietly showed a football match tucked out of the view of those not interested. I think food is available but it certainly wasn't the priority. And of course I didn't try it - I'm a drinker not an eater!

The bar staff are friendly and the pub is lovely. Stop in on your way back from the park, thus avoiding the hubbub of the Queens the other way, and you'll won't complain. But be sure not to confuse this with its near name-sake... or you might complain!

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