Palmerston's treat

Pub 59. Lord Palmerston, 29th April 2012.

Oh for the days when Prime Ministers were that popular they got pubs named after them. Even the main road through my home town is Palmerston Street - he must have done something right. Perhaps if Mr Cameron dies in office he'd be honoured likewise?

"Half a Doom Bar please!", barman gets a pint glass. "Oh - just a half please"
"Uh?" grunts the barman
"Just a half please"
"Uhh" as he gets a half pint glass.

And this is my welcome to the Lord Palmerston, a pub that actually describes itself as a gastro-pub. Make of that what you will!

The Palmerston is an light & airy, inoffensive, middle class, nice-but-dull pub, full of light & airy, inoffensive, middle class, nice-but-dull people. A whole roast chicken for two to share plus a bottle of wine coasts £35. I didn't see many being carved in to.

It's all just very nice nice, and chicly-plain. The real fire is nice, with fire-surround banquette type seat to warm a chilly behind. The upstairs function room is so hip it makes you want to scratch your eye out. The shady off-pavement beer garden would be lovely when it gets hot.
Pop in if the walk up the hill as worked you up a thirst, but I wouldn't travel too far for his Lordship.

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