Elixir of life?

Pub 216, Elixir. 22nd July 2013.

Must be difficult running a pub here, in that no-man's land between Mornington Crescent and Euston. So well done to them for trying. I do remember it being Rowley's - a sports bar I think. Sadly when it was the Seymour Arms was much before my time.

Like one or two other pubs on the manor - The Fitzroy and the Marquess Cornwallis - today was a day when the air-conditioning was welcome. There was no ale, but as I was very hot unusually the "Boddington's Extra Cold" caught my eye, so that is what asked for.
"You mean you want ice in it?" asked the bar-man.
"Pardon?" I replied.
"Extra cold?"
"That's just what it says on the pump..."

It wasn't really that cold when it came.

I sat down, listened to the banter between the two old regulars at the bar and the barmen, concerning how unpleasant prison is and how expensive fans are at moment. Drank my surprisingly palatable keg Boddies. And left.

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