Rising star

Pub no. 205. The Rising Sun. 11th July 2013.

What a beautiful pub, outside and in. And what a beautiful bar manager - if I may say so.
Too bad it's just there to serve tourists, office workers going home, people on their way out in West End or Tottenham Court Road pub-crawlers, none of whom are likely to appreciate the fine Victorian detailing on the outside or the lovely ceiling inside. (This is crying out for an enhancing paint job by the way Messrs Taylor and Walker!)

Noticing the cricket on I got myself a pint of Tribute, probably for £3.85 or something - the going rate round here - and settling down (or up???) at a high table to enjoy England 2nd innings fightback. At which point they promptly went in for tea! Hey ho. I can hardly blame the pub for that tho. I can blame them for the intolerably loud house(?) / nightclub(?) / call-it-what-you-will music blaring out. Who really needs to hear this on a Thursday afternoon??

I amused though that the menu (on a blackboard, natch) entitled "the Great British Lunch-time" includes lasagne. I suppose these days it probably does. And also, as any self-respecting pub should do these days, they claim fame for some part of their fayre - probably the fish & chips, I can't quite remember now. A beautiful old building like this should be famous in its own right, after 300 years of boozing here you'd think so anyways.

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