Twice as nice

Pub 217, The Two Brewers. 8th August 2013.

They sell charity post-cards here of the pub in aid Great Ormond Street - a worthier cause I can't think of - but on enquiring how much they were (the way they were displayed suggested they might be free) I was told they 50p each. Obviously see my shocked reaction when I said that I didn't want one, and on being told the cause and then remembering that I couldn't think of a worthier cause, gave her ten-bob anyways. But declined on taking a post-card as I couldn't think of what I'd do with it, and therefore actually doing a little bit more for this worthy cause.

 Anyways, when I went back for my 2nd pint of rather nice Wainwright's, she insisted I take a post-card. How nice. And here it is:

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