Nigh and not dry.

Pub 138. The World's End, times numerous.

They should have just kept this as Mother Red Cap's so could bang on about its 400 year old history and how it used be all fields round here, etc. But cool new name came in years ago, and the building itself is only Victorian. But I think it's always nice to remind the kids where they are. Oh well.

It's really a pub of two halves - a big huge horrible bit at the back, or to the left in the photo. And more traditional pubby bit at the front, which is a bit nicer. A bit. 

The spiral staircase to an upstairs high about the back-bar, and an odd reconstruction of a Victorian shopping street are interesting quirks.

Packed at the weekend, and just very busy most nights I can't say I pop in all that much. A friend always insisted on meeting here when she was in Camden, and there's worst places I suppose. No ale.

It was a real shame about the landlord a little while ago. You would've known his beardy-boat if you lived in the 'hood.

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