Murray - game, set and match

Pub 141. The Murray Arms.

**I'm sure I had noted this one already... but it doesn't seem to be here**

Despite my laundrette of choice once was just a few doors down from here, just past the tree in the pic, I only ever came here once. A mate visiting from abroad had come to stay at my place with his girlfriend, and although I didn't live terribly near he decided that this was as near as he was going to come without settling down for a drink.

I went down to meet them, and they were playing pool. I seem to remember the pub being almost devoid of furniture - except said pool table, but I managed to find a chair in the corner - no table - and sat down with a pint of Guinness. I don't remember liking it an awful lot, but any pub is better than another corner shop. Another victory for Foxton's.

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