Marquis de sad

Pub no. 130. The Marquis of Granby, a while ago.

I can only ever recall going here once, a good while ago now. I went with a friend who was meeting some friends there whom I didn't know. When we met them and said hellos we settled around a table - one of those high ones with barstools I think... it occurred to me that I recognised one of them. But couldn't for the life of me think where from. Anyways, the night carried on and very pleasant it was as I recall.

I can't remember now if I mentioned to my friend that I recognised this chap, or remembered myself who is was or even if he or his mate spilled the beans... but it turned out it was curly-top Olympic rower Johnny Searle! What a nice man he was.

But although there is always a slim chance that I'll find myself boozing with Olympians again in the future - "Another 1/2 a mild, Jess?" :-) - it's very unlikely that will be in the Marquis of Granby. Sadly, it seems destined to be another bar / restaurant for the Leicester Square tourists. Another bites the dust as they say.

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