By George - Leighton!

Pub 142. The Leighton, once - ages ago.

Why do pubs drop the 'Arms' from their names? Do they it makes them sound a bit more hip & modern? 

I've only ever been here once. That was just after a mate had helped me move into a flat in nearby Tufnell Park and we went here for a drink afterwards. That was probably getting on for 10 years ago. I don't remember much about good or bad to be honest. It was an ordinary no-frills boozers. When I've been past since the signs saying something like "Sunday roast - £5.95" or words to that effect don't tempt me back in. But there again I'm sure it's no where near hip & modern, so there could be worst pubs.

Put the Arms back and I might take another look. Perhaps.

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