Eye wide shut

Pub 129. The Camden Eye.

A pub name that's existed for a long long time which is then replaced by a contrived meaningless moniker whose soul purpose is to remind tourists that they're in world famous Camden and therefore they should go in a pub that has Camden in the name is really quite saddening, and very annoying.
The last time I went there a year or two ago there was a sign behind the bar saying NO LIPSTICK! complete with a jolly cartoony drawing of a pair of lips. We asked the very moody & surly barmaid if they were serious and she said yes they were as they found it too hard to clean off the glasses. Perhaps they might've asked any other pub anywhere in the whole world if they had any ideas. Hot water? Detergent? Elbow grease? This isn't the kind of pub that cares, the barmaid in question clearly wanted to be in any other pub in the whole wide world - lipstick or not, I'd say they only care for passing tourists ticking off Camden things to do. Hence the numerous A-boards and neon pizza signs.
And perhaps people meeting up from the Tube might find it useful.

A little while after the lipstick ruling I read in the Camden New Journal that the Camden Eye had been awarded "the best managed pub in Camden" or something like that. The word 'managed' in that title makes a world of difference to its meaning.

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