Monkey business

Pub 103 - Monkey Chews, ages ago.

Oh dear, poor old Monkey Chews! Twas a good pub, a bit trendy and bit knowingly cool and contrived but very decent all the same. I think it was the first pub in Camden that I though "what a stupid name..." but at least it's post-flats coat of white paint reveal the original name, the much more meaningful Queen's Arms.

It was the last place I DJ'd at, well played records. In a wonderfully atmospheric cosy-shabby very Victorian upstairs room. But the chap who organised it had done it on Bonfire Night - that year a Saturday night, so literally no-one turned up. It was just me and the barmaid and my choice of music and free beer. I enjoyed it - not so sure about her though. A silly name, but a good pub and a sad loss.

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