Book me in?

Pub no. 111. The Booking Office, April 18th 2011.

I've always loved St Pancras station - one of the wonders of Borough, so when the hotel bit of re-opened last year after a lengthy and well documented redevelopment I couldn't wait to get in for a butchers.
Wide-eyed I wandered about marvelling at the wonders within until I got collared just as I approached the famed grand staircase! Darn it. Not surprising I looked out place really as I'd just been shown round an archaeological dig round the back, and was a tad muddy. Oh well, never mind - let's go for a drink. 
As I peered in The Booking Office I was even sure if it was a pub, or a restaurant or open to the public without reservations or what. Anyways, as it turned it probably is a pub if only just. Ie., you can go in and have a drink at the bar in what roughly looks and feels like a pub. I just had a half which came in a cute little tiny pewter tankard, I've never seen half-pint pewters before. For some reason it took them so long to get my change from a tenner that I'd drunk by the time they got back, although if there was actually half a pint of beer in it was impossible to tell. But after hearing the price for this half a Redemption pale ale my eyes were wondering long after... As you can see I didn't leave a tip but it is a wonderful place if you like Victorian railway slendour.

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