Cocktails and nightmares

Pub 104. Fifty-five - ages ago.

I only went here once years and years ago, when it was called Blake's. And it was awful. We got in a heated discussion with a barman who wouldn't serve us at the bar but insisted on table service only. So that's what we did. But then when we left we forgot to pay. Haha. Idiot barman that'll teach you. I can't even remember who I was with - but I remember Krishnan Guru Murphy off the Channel 4 news was in there.

I walk past regularly and do admire the fine building. But now it's VERY TRENDY cocktail bar, which is not my cup of tea. All the punters seem under 25 and are loud and excitable. But if they like cocktails good luck to them - they're keeping it open and who knows, one day it might be back as proper pub. I look forward to that day!

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