It's a Steele!

Pub 100. The Sir Richard Steele, ages ago.

Why there's a pub here remembering the founder of the Spectator I don't know. I'm guessing he lived round here in what is now Steeles Village. (No apostophe required apparently). Anyways, this used to be a fine pub. And it still may well be - I've not been back for a while. But it is still is a fine building. One of the few pubs in Camden with separate rooms within. I was once sat here next to someone off the telly - a blonde girl from casualty, somebody Goose? I can't remember but she was very nice. I was hoping she strike up a conversation with me but of course she didn't.

They do music here on Sundays and it is very nice. They do comedy upstairs but that's not my thing.

I hear in the last year or so they've had new management in who have, well, 'changed' things a bit and a lot of the locals have decamped to the Pineapple or the Tapping the Admiral. Reports are not good! But I'd still say it's worth a look as it used to a be a very decent boozer.

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