Lambs can-do-it.

Pub no. 198, The Lamb. 22nd June 2013.

Sadly little - or nothing - is made of why the Lamb is called the Lamb, well nothing I could see anyways. It's nothing to do with the tasty little bleater, but all to do with this chap.  Check out his old pump just round the corner.

Anyways, it's a lovely little old Young's pub. Cosy round the bar, there's a room down the back and a little snug round the other side. In the snug there's two tantalising beer engines on the punter side of the door! Self-service perhaps? Sadly not, they're just for show - possibly advertising the pub's wares.

Rather wonderfully there's a working Victorian polyphon in the corner which for a small contribution to the worthy cause de jour they'll wind it and let it play for you! Better than any jukebox!
And it's lovely, although drowned out by a pub full of chatty people - but was still loud enough to really annoy too unwashed tree-hugging new age traveller types sat right in front it! Sorry, it doesn't have any Levellers or Dead Kennedys on it... oh you've gone! Sorry. Would be nice if everyone has quietened down a bit though... watch here.

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