Grand poobah?

Pub 194. Night & Day, 8th June 2013.

This isn't just a pub, and it isn't just a bar. It's pub-bar, hopefully a nod to the Archbishop of Titipu in the Mikado, but I doubt it.
Last time I tried to come here there was a sign in the window saying "Closed until 5pm for redecoration". As it was 4.45pm I really couldn't be bothered to wait. And I was right to. This is the plainest pub in Camden. I can't imagine what they'd spent all day redecorating. And to add to the effect the air stunk of cheap air-freshener and the behind-the-bar music consisted of awful 90s indie rock rubbish.

And to make matters worse, the beer - a Sussex Pride - was cloudy and horrible. I forced most of it down, and left. The barmaid who was nice enough seemed surprised I was leaving. She should extremely surprised if she ever sees me in there again.

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