Fly away

Pub 189, The Euston Flyer. 6th June 2013.

Big pub, nice beers, lots of cheap food, kinda like a Wetherspoons but a bit nicer, on the Euston Road, offering the chance to sit the busiest pavement as traffic trundles by. You have to walk all the way to O'Neill's to find another pub like this!

The Discovery was nice. A tourist was disappointedly picking at his tradition/famous fish & chips - a sight which is not uncommon and amuses me muchly. Some folk were distracted by the whatever was flickering away on the big screens, in this case some cricket match not involving anyone from these shores.
The big front doors open were wide open, letting the sunlight flood in - and also the smokers' smoke. Making the pub smell like how a pub should smell. More pubs need big front doors! (Not in the cold though.)

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