It's the Wheat Sheaf!!!!

Pub 164. Belushi's, 4th April 2013

What a stupid name for a pub. I guess they figured it would mean more to young hip & happening tourists and weekenders who couldn't give a fig where they are or what it's called.
Still on this occasion it wasn't too bad. The Deuchars IPA was fine. The bar-staff / bar-staff hangers on were getting very excited the upcoming "Jager Night". As they attempted to hoist a large Jagermeister banner the conversation went like this: "Awww that's cool!", "Cool!", "Cool isn't it?", "That is cool.", "Cool eh?". "Wooow that's big." "Big!", "Big isn't it?", "That is big.", "Big eh?". Luckily I'd taken a book.

Belushi's can also claim to have the ugliest, plastickest, uncomfortablest sofas in Camden. Wipe clean is clearly important here.

There's worst places I supposes, but I'm sure I wouldn't be saying that if I was here on a Saturday night.

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