You noisy Anchors!

Pub 167. The Hope and Anchor, 4th April 2013.

This could be a very pleasant, if basic, pub. Fine looking exterior. Warm and comfy enough interior. One ale on... although I can't remember what it is now. It was something familiar and decent but not exceptional.
The barmaid - although polite - did check 4 or 5 times if I really did want a half, with a series of peculiar hand-movements that made her look like she was doing a Buck's Fizz dance.

I popped to the loo, leaving my paper and glass of beer at the bar. I came back and a bloke had come and decided to stand right where I had been and put his bag down on top of my paper while very precisely ordering some crisps. You can see above how busy the bar was. I gave him a "you stupid man" look as I slid my paper from under his detritus, you stupid man.

I do have a few questions about this pub tho. Why is the website address for the welder on the flower boxes outside back-to-front? Why do you have beer-engines between the windows?
And why oh why oh why oh why is your jukebox so bloody loud?!?! Painfully loud. Koko next door or the Purple Turtle across the road are likely to be quieter options. The place was nigh on empty. Why do pubs do this?? You stupid people.
The volume of the jukebox means I never want to go back here, and why the Hope & Anchor doesn't quite make it as 'pleasant pub'.

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