It's old.

Pub 171. The Old Red Lion, 17th April 2013

How do you know when a pub is old? It has the word 'old' in the name. That's how. And surely a pub that calls itself old will be wanting to tell you all about its oldness, and when the likes of Pepys and Turpin drank there. Here you'd never know as they keep their history quiet on the inside (unlike the barmaid's eagerness to close the bar hatch each time she went through...) as there's none of these pub-bios that are so popular these days in old pubs. Shame. Oh well. But I suppose it's only Victorian so the gents mentioned may have never drank in here at all! Shocking for an old pub. But I digress.

The Timothy Taylor's Golden Best was nice. The interior very pleasant, lots of wood - like an old pub should be. The pub's small but was quiet, cool and relaxing. I sat by a large window watching the hubbub of High Holborn rush by.

All rather nice really, but I bet it gets busy.

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