The Crawling Camel

Pub 263. The Sir Colin Campbell, 3rd June 2014.

It's funny who they used to name pubs after back in the old days, and who remembers Sir Colin Campbell now? I was hoping it might be named after this chap, but it turns out it's this one - he of the curious dromedarian nickname. Just goes to show what a big deal the Crimea was back then I suppose.

Two bars here, I think I was in the lounge with the saloon being the other side of the bar. The barmaid was nice and friendly, and the Guinness was nice. And the all important net curtains blocked out the outside world without it being to dingy. And remembering the locals the telly was tuned in to BBC Northern Island. Handy to catch up with the local news from Belfast!

Best of all was the fortune teller - I look forward to being surrounded by affection soon, and if I have to go back to the Campbell to get it that's no bad thing.

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