Black beauty

Pub 264. The Black Lion, 3rd June 2014.

Like other pubs on Kilburn High Road I hadn't been in here since I lived round here some 15 years ago or so. And back then I remember it being a huge old gin palace, with much fading beauty and a lovely ceiling.

Well, now the beauty has unfaded, and the ceiling is as lovely as ever. And it's still big, but it feels very empty, with the large sofas taking up far too much room and being impractical as ever.

The wood I'm sure can be called sumptuous, and unsurprisingly it's listed.

But the downside is it's a bit cool. A "best Sunday roast in town" kind of pub. No ale on, in fact only two draft pumps. One Camden lager, and the other anonymous one was Guinness. When I asked I was told as if I should have known. The barmaid wasn't even surprised at my surprised when I was told this huge bar only had room for two pumps. Apparently, as I read later, it's because of some fall-out with the brewery / pubco over the beer tie. So good for them!

It is indeed a beautiful pub, but I don't think I'll be rushing back. The numerous upside-down lampshades in the windows tell you how super-trendy they are here. One thing amused me though, who-ever put up the relief of the locals of old taking the waters from the Kilburn Wells had possible been taking something a little stronger himself!

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