In the smoke.

Pub 272. One Sixty, 23rd June.

The last time I was passing here this was a sushi place. Not my cup of tea at all. Not it looks like a pub, and it basically is. But it's also a smokehouse. Sadly for quietly enjoying a puff of your mellow tasting bacca pipe, but something to do with cooking meat or something 160 degs F is apparently the temperature to cook meat at, rather than the address.

The large photos of brewery kit on the wall and array of hand-pumps made me think that some tasty ales were going to be on offer - perhaps brewed on-site?! But no, it's not their brewery and they have no ale on yet. But they've not been open long so I'm sure they will have at some point.

One odd thing happened though... apart from family dining out the back there was only one other person in apart from me. A minute after sitting down a waiter came over to me with some a corn-on-the-cob in a bowl. "For you?" he said. "Nope... not me" I said. And so he wandered back past the other the chap towards the counter area for a discussion about who the corny nosh was for. He put it down, wandered off. Came back, came towards me again when the other chap, presumably quite peckish by then asked "Is that mine?", "Oh yes" said the waiter. "Enjoy!". Why didn't he just ask the other fellow at first?

Oh well. Good luck to them. I can't stand sushi! And new pub selling good ale, no matter how chic or smokey is to be welcomed. And there's a free kitchen roll on every table - everywhere that sells food should do this.

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