Roll out the barrel

Pub 262. The Cooper's Arms, 3rd June 2014.

Ah this is more like it! Carpet, wood panels, properly upholstered furniture and no juke-box! Good stuff. No ale though, so the Guinness had to do.

Cue man at the bar who'd already mimed a toy boxing fight when I walked past him to enquire if I was Irish. He then didn't shut up for the next 10 minutes, repeating the same things over and over - his age, his daughters age, and something about my jacket. Oh - and "I'm joking!".

I got bored and went to sit down. So he picked on some lady say at the bar, and they had some heated argument about where he was born. He was annoying most folks by now and the land lady had to tell him to shut the F up. And another punter apologised to me for him! He was harmless really though, all good pub fun I suppose. And this is a good pub - if only they put an ale or two on. A cosy, friendly peaceful escape from the hustle-bustle of the Kilburn High Road

Also, I reckon it's the only pub in Camden where you can clearly see another pub from the gents' window.  A pub pub-toilet fact!

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