Pub 261. The Old Bell, 3rd June 2014.

It's a rainy afternoon in Kilburn, and the Old Bell is rammed. Rammed full of old men. Old men drinking lager or keg bitter, watching horse racing and laughing loudly. Just as a pub should be in the afternoon!

A pint of Courage was £2.10, yup. £2.10. Not sure if that was a special offer, but not bad eh? I don't know if I'd be tempted by the two meals for £7.45 though but no wonder the place was full. Mind you I didn't see many other people on the ale.

For one scary moment loud music started blaring out - but it just some tinkering being done on the roll done screen for the horse racing. Thankfully it was only a brief assault on the shell-likes, and then they went the whole hog by turning it off all together. No doubt much to the annoyance of the old chaps with their Racing Posts spread out in front of them.

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