Load of bull

Pub no. 225, The Bountiful Cow. 13th August 2013.

What an awful place. Anywhere that has to remind you on the outside that it is really a pub doesn't really deserve to be called a pub. The Hophead was past its best, the barmaid's manners were perfunctory and the loud chat of the go-getter businessman to his mate at the bar incredibly annoying. I'm sure their steaks are lovely though.

But what annoyed me most was this sign.

The police do not enforce NO DRINKING OUTSIDE. A controlled drinking zone means that they can ask you not drink if they want and take your booze off you if they want and arrest you if you don't comply if they want. This is not the same as NO DRINKING OUTSIDE. If the proprietors of the Bountiful Cow should read this, they may wish to also read this page which explains it in very simple terms. And perhaps ask themselves why they are telling their punters NO DRINKING OUTSIDE while at the same time providing tables & chairs outside. So the smokers can sit down and enjoy their ciggie - or are they for people consuming lemonade...? Stupid pub.

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