The Northumberland Arms

Pub 147. The Northumberland Arms, 4th February 2013.

Ever wondered what happened to the Chinese DVD man? Well, he's alive and well and despite the onslaught of online competition from Netflix and the like he's still lugging around his hold-all full of discs, and was doing well in the Northumberland Arms. The lad at the next table to me got himself a good half a dozen little gems. Probably not even available on Netflix yet. 

A real no nonsense no frills boozer. A man's pub. And a working man's pub at that. Even the one woman in here had short hair. I didn't notice an ale until I'd already ordered - they had Directors on.
Still that's not to say it's horrible. I didn't strike up any conversation - although I'm sure I might have if I'd lingered at the bar. The locals knew the locals. And they had lots of sports on. Check out the big tube-projector - not of many of them left these days!

And the workshop next door is doing up a little steam loco. So there you do; The Northumberland Arms. It's nice to see a unreconstructed "old fashioned" (for want of a better word) real boozer's boozer in the middle of an increasingly poncified (for no want of a better word) London.

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