No escape!

Pub no. 155 - Escape, 8th February 2013.

Is this a pub that also does curries, or a curry house that's morphed into a pub? Well, it's the former but with the garish lighting and smartly dressed Asian barstaff it does seem to have a curry house air about it. Quite literally - the spicy aromas are, well, pungent. Only relieved by the stench of the toilets if you sit too near which I did. I moved.

It's not as bad as it looks from the outside. Spacious and fairly busy with who are mostly regulars I'm guessing. They're all enjoying themselves and having a good chat. I had to enjoy a John Smiths extra keggy chill flow or whatever it's called. And the smell was making me ravenous - the kitchen smell, not the toilet smell. I picked up a menu and was seriously thinking about a takeaway. But ended up just enjoying watch Machester city get stuffed.

It's not bad old place really if you want to watch the footie, or order a curry. But I think of a few places that don't carry they same miasmas. But it does have by far & away the best fish tank in Camden, so be careful if you go for the sea-food balti - they're right by the toilets.

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