Gunning for it

Pub 146. The Gunmakers. 4th February 2013.

A quick one in here I thought and then home. The last time I went in I quite liked it. It felt as old as it looked from the outside. However on entering I noticed they done something terrible... they'd done it up!! Bah. Gone was the dark wood and velvet stools (or that kind of thing - it was some time ago) and in was cream and Ikea type stuff. Bah. Oh well. A quick half then and home.

When I went in I was the only person there, and the poor old bored barmaid looked so pleased to see me to break her monotony and - let's be honest - as she was very pretty I though I'd better have a pint. A chat broke out, a regular came in - I was sat in his seat, but that's ok! More chat broke out. Another pint was had. Another barmaid came in, and a tasting session started for the other barmaid who was new. More chat broke out. More pints were had. The first barmaid went home. More people came in - at one got very busy. The manager came in. He was very nice. More chatting. More pints were had. More chatting. More pints. Then eventually home.

What a cracking pub, and what lovely people. I just wish they hadn't done it up. Oh well. That won't put me off.

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