Half a Crown?

Pub no. 153 - The Crown, 8th February 2013.

We once had a quite a fun discussion a while back about where Seven Dials was - Covent Garden? Bloomsbury? St Giles? Well, it's definitely in Camden at least. And here's a good pub trivia question for you - How many streets lead off Seven Dials? Answer - six! Fascinating uh?

So the Crown. It's basically what you'd call a Covent Garden pub. But a decent one. Small, decent choice of beer and packed with a wide range of people watching or not watching the egg chasing. Currently France 3 - Wales 3 at half time. Thrilling stuff.

Some nice Georgian / Victorian sketches of the area on the wall. And there's not much more to tell. Would be nicer though not on a Saturday night and not when the Six Nations is on!

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