A friend indeed

Pub 150. The Friend at Hand, 5th February 2013.

Ahhh is that Schnorbitz I see before me!? Admittedly it's hard to tell from such a crappy photo, but it is. Schnorbitz is our friend at hand, bringing much needed alcoholic nourishments!

What we have inside though is a plain but tasteful and not boring boozer. Nice and warm. It was getting chilly out, and I shared some weather related small talk with the grown up barman - so nice to cheerful charming grown-ups behind the ramp! - actually this might be a good quick litmus test of the staff. Go into a pub making obvious indications of the weather, a mop of the brow, and pat of the arms, and shake of the brolly etc., and see if the barman offers some chit chat based up on it, which he might have done a hundred times that day but that's he his job! Sort of.

Anyways, nice beer - although I can't remember what I had. Bascially another perfectly good pub.

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