Britannia class (BR class 7)

Pub 75. The Britannia, 14th July 2012.

Station pubs are funny old things aren't they? Completely landlocked... nary a glance of daylight, a place within a place. No regulars? No atmosphere? People only in there because they've got 1/2 an hour to kill before their departure? Surely they can't be very nice can they?

Well, no. But they're not supposed to be. But if you find yourself in Euston and want a drink, and haven't for some reason gone to the fine Doric Arch or the wonderful Bree Louise or even the pleasant Exmouth Arms, and if you should spy the Britannia (formerly Coopers - they got all patriotic and went off barrel makers) nestling above the indoor high street of the Euston forecourt then try it. The beers are good. Station pubs often have a good range on - competing with the inevitably rushed departure? Or safe in the knowledge that the trains and real ale Venn diagram has a large intersection?

People in here are a lively, excitable bunch. Presumably because they've just arrived somewhere exciting or they're just off to somewhere exciting. I would expect that it's constantly like a Friday early-evening here.

The view from the balcony takes some... matching. One for the people spotters, and departure board watchers. Oh - and the toilets are free here, I think they're 20p on the concourse.

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