Pub 21. Shaker & Co. 8th January 2011

 Well, this isn't even a pub as I like to think how pubs be, so I'll keep it short. It's a cocktail bar, not opened long since and it replaced the American-theme pub - sorry - bar 'Positively 4th Street' that used to be here. It should go back to be being the Prince of Wales like it always was. Anyways, I was passing so I popped in. I thought that maybe they might at least have decent beer in bottles... I dreaded to think what anonymous fizzy rubbish they had on the little chrome taps on this side of the bar. But wait... while admiring a rather nice water jug - more pubs should have a jugs of water on the bar - I spied some hand-pumps behind. Hoorah!

No word on what was in them though, or even if they worked. And one was dressed up like a Turkish arch-deacon I have no idea. But one did have Doom Bar in it, so that's what I had - at £2.07 a half! Ouch. Well, I thought he said £2.07 but I didn't get any change from £2.10 so maybe it was £2.10. Ouch!
I sat down, read my book, drank it, and left. This is a nice friendly, fancy cocktail bar. So go there if you want cocktails - I wouldn't know one end of a cocktail from the other, but for boozers try elsewhere.

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