Oh, what a lovely pub!

Pub 23. The Holly Bush, 15th January 2012.

What a lovely pub. One of the loveliest in the borough I'd say. But of course the downside of that is that it's often full of tourists & urban Heath walkers, all wanting food or coffee. But although I'm sure the food here is lovely - I did eat here once a while back but can't remember how nice it was (I would remember if it was horrible though) but this is not a gastropub! There's a super range of ales on, and on this occasion the only other people in there were a lone drinker in one of the front rooms and two loud drunks at the bar. Exactly how a pub should be!

What a nice bar.
So I started off on the Seafarers, and then on to the Black Cab Stout - which was very tasty. Then had a quick stroll around. Lots of little rooms here, and lots of wood. Real quaint as our cousins across the pond might say. In fact you could probably get lost, or at least disorientated. What fun! And at the far end of the bar there's tiny little 'snug' - a cubby hole with just enough room for 4 close friends to squeeze round a small table. What fun.
But then... uh oh! I spotted my favourite barmaid behind the bar, not in her usual pub. "What are you doing here!!?" we both said to each other. "You're like me," she said " - a pub slut!" hoho. We chuckled and chatted, and very pleasant it was. But now I have to go back there at least every now & then to continue chatting and pleasantries. She's working this weekend apparently - oh well, could be worse - The Holly Bush is a lovely pub (when it's quiet).

Pub sign no where near pub

Front room

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