NW Gone

Pub 24. NW1, 16th January 2012.

Cripes! Another pub been and closed since I started, and although I never liked this place it's never good to see a pub close. Especially for a "Cote Brasserie" whatever that is. More dull chain restaurants hoorah. This place - bizarrely named after the first half of its post-code (why?) was all based around lager, TV sports and microwaved Thai food. And always seemed busy. Before that it was the Windsor Castle, and now with the Caernarvon Castle long since closed and burned down and the Pembroke Castle merely calling itself "The Pembroke", only two of the UK-wide range of castle pubs remain in the borough. The Edinboro (sic) and the Dublin. (Ireland being part of the UK when the Camden Town was invented). All well, at least I'd been in this one before it changed into NW1, and indeed again before it changed... well, into nothing.

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