Hay up

Pub no. 180, The Hill. 26th May 2013.

Ahhhh The Load of Hay, just round the corner from Chalk Farm! Nice to have these reminders of when this part of town was just a meadowy hill in the middle of nowhere, between Hampstead and London. But no more, all we're reminded of now is that we're on a hill. The Hill indeed, and having just walked up in on the a rare warm day I don't need reminding.

I was told once that this used to be a "boxing pub", whatever that means, and had a gym for that purpose out the back. Now it's just another gastro-pub. But having said it does seem like rather a pleasant one, and at least it has one small-ish side room that still tries to look like a pub.

I didn't try the food, but the Greene King IPA was fine, even though it had some bits floating in it which might have put off a less hardy soul than I. The beer garden looks nice if you like that kind of thing, which I don't. I'd prefer to drink on the pavement to be honest, like Sean Bean was once when he got in a fight here

They have a piano here, which pleasingly they now use. On Sundays and Thursdays I think the friendly chap behind the bar said. I might well go back and have a listen some time.

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