A birthday treat

Pub 178. The Carpenter's Arms, 23rd May 2013.

Like with the Borough's other wood-working pub, it's always nice to be reminded of the one of the major trades that kept people going round these parts once upon a time. Anyways.  I came here for a colleague's birthday drinks, but ended up not getting to his little soirĂ©e until 10.45pm as I was downstairs being entertained and distracted by a rather lovely companion. Does time fly over a crossword amongst two good friends?!

Having no money meant I was having to buy two pints of Knight of Garter at a time to hit the card-payment threshold, so it's a good job it was going down well. Still that didn't stop the barman apparently undercharging me and then coming chasing after me for the extra 50p. It's a good job I had a little money on me, you careless young man.

Nice-ish pub, but a very, very nice evening. Ahh to drink with a vision mixers is a rare treat indeed!

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